Dec 15, 2014

I've decided to release 3 demo tracks (without vocals) of the upcoming debut EP.

All material for the debut EP (and more) is now fully written. The EP will have a length of about 20 minutes. Soon I should be set up to distribute 5 of the tracks as a limited signed CD, packaged in a promotional cardboard sleeve.

While I'm working my ass off on the vocals, please listen to the tracks and let me know what you think about it! Drums by Tom Wills.

- sebastian


This unsigned one-man band describes its musical style as European Doom-/Death Metal, with lyrical themes ranging from personal problems to anti-religious and anti-political messages.

Founded around 2012 by Sebastian Posch, the then unnamed one-man project was initially a by-product of learning how to play guitar and how to record and mix music on the Linux computer operating system.

Left: The author, at Myra Falls in Lower Austria, 2013.


Sebastian Posch
Company: Sebastian Posch e.U.
Mail address:
Wiesfeldgasse 6, 2721 Bad Fischau
Austria, Europe

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